Free Range Camping Directory

Free Range Camping will be one of the largest resources for travellers around Australia.  This directory will provide information on Rest Areas, Free Camps, Low Cost Camps, Caravan Parks, House Sitting, Help Outs, Park Overs and Dump Points


Member Preferred Businesses

It will also contain a member preferred business directory that will provide Free Range Camping Members discounts all around Australia in the following categories:


How The Directory Will Look When Populated


Free Information

To join the Directory will be free of charge.  This free Directory Membership will give you thousands of listings for,REST AREAS, FREE CAMPS, HELP OUT OPPORTUNITIES AND DUMP POINTS  all over Australia.

The information on each site will be extensive and will provide all the information a traveller needs to know at a glance.

At a glance in the map area

At a glance, in the map area, you will be able to see key information of each listing.


After view more button is clicked

Once you click on the view more button, you will see a detailed description of each listing.


Features of each area

Each listing will have an icon description of the facilites or features of that site.



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